The education at Academia Private school is linked to responsible education, tuition, activities, planning, organized structures and managing from the Christian beliefs that serves the grounding for all participants. The corner stone of the educator is to contemplate about what Christ has in mind for my future. The educator must enhance the learner as to think about how “one plus one” is equal to two, in the same manner to learn to read and write by conducting relevant exercise that allows the learner, to jump over those life challenging hurdles. This is achieved by being always in partnership with the Lord and God, being able to understand these principles and guidelines that the Lord has provided me with. In my way forward in becoming the person that He wants me to be.

The above shall allow all participants to achieve their full potential with the aid from God almighty, this includes:

· Dignity

· To care for each other

· Individuality

· Humanity

Academia Private school strives to encourage each child to fulfil their calling/s from God – Children are valued gifts and are called for a specific task on earth.

We are Cambridge affiliated; we offer IGCSE subjects & AS subjects.

Walking with Christ